10 Orphans Who Become Successful and Famous

Everyone ones in a while think about it that they can’t succeed because their circumstances can’t provide them happy life and success. What a blushed thought!

Imagine how it is for a child without a mother or a father or both. This list of people that succeed in life even though they ware orphans should be the motivation of our lives!

Burning passion, hard work and believing in you is the key to every successful story.

This is a list of 10 children that stayed without their parents but still succeed in life.

  1. Edgar Allan Poe, the great American author and poet. He was orphaned at the age of 2 as his father left and his mother died in an accident.orphans-who-became-famous-edgar-allan-poe
  2. John Keats, English poet of the romantic era. His parents couldn’t afford his education and well-being so he was sent off home.orphans-who-became-famous-john-keats
  3. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc. was an orphaned at birth.orphans-who-became-famous-steve-jobs
  4. Nelson Mandela, great African activist and revolutionary was orphaned as a child.orphans-who-became-famous-nelson-mandela
  5. John Lennon, the English singer and song writer – founder of the famous band Beatles was orphaned as a child after his parents got divorcedorphans-who-became-famous-john-lennon
  6. Marilyn Monroe, American actress, model and singer was orphaned as a child and lived with foster parentsorphans-who-became-famous-marilyn-monroe
  7. Rajesh Khanna, Bellwood actor was orphaned and brought up by relatives.orphans-who-became-famous-rajesh-khanna
  8. Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza was raised in an orphanage after his father died and his mother couldn’t afford to raise him alone.orphans-who-became-famous-tom-monaghan
  9. Bill Clinton, The 42nd president of the United States was orphaned after the death of his fatherorphans-who-became-famous-bill-clinton
  10. Andrew Jackson, the US president was orphaned at age of 14orphans-who-became-famous-andrew-jackson-1source:
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