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12 Tips why you should use cinnamon!

If you have used cinnamon only in your homemade cookies or hot chocolate this 12 reasons will convince you to use it in everything you consume. This is why:

  1. Blood sugar control – cinnamon is a popular natural remedy used by even those who suffer from diabetes type 2.
  2. Treat fungal infections – cinnamon oil is an effective remedy against Candida which can be very boring and persistent fungal infection.
  3. Relives the symptoms of poisoning – antibacterial effect of the cinnamon is very fast and easily salves the symptoms caused by salmonella and Escherichia bacteria. Ground cinnamon, oil and tea are very effective in neutralizing stomach problems.
  4. Is helping with the irritation of the intestines – this herb stimulates digestion and helps in the treatment of bacterial infections. In addition, cinnamon is great against stomach cramps.
  5. Assists in osteoporosis and arthritis – cinnamon is rich with manganese which helps in development of the bones, so massage with cinnamon oil or drinking cinnamon tea can heal the pain caused by this two diseases.
  6. Helps the brain to develop – daily consumption of small amounts of cinnamon can strength the health of the brain and improves concentration.
  7. Helps in losing weight – cinnamon improves circulation and can speed up metabolism. It positively affects the loss of weight.
  8. Reduces pain in the muscles – massage oil or cream of cinnamon can help you with your muscles pain.
  9. Helps with colds, sore throat and cough – tea of cinnamon positively affect is the best for this conditions.
  10. It relives the symptoms of PMS – cinnamon is rich with manganese and because of that it is great way to ease crams and tension in the body just before the menstrual cycle.
  11. Regulates menstrual cycle – cinnamon helps woman who have polycystic ovaries, that way that regulates menstruation.
  12. Can help with a headache – if you are struggling with a ordinary headache or migraine, instead of drinking pills try one aromatic cinnamon tea. It definitely works!
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