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3 Serious Reasons Why You Need to Stop Using Your Smartphone at Night

Nowadays, you can barely find a person who is not addicted to the Internet.

All that excessive using of computer games and smartphone applications are starting to take their toll on both children and adults.

The effects of cell phones have become one of the central issues to examine. The findings show that cell phones emit harmful radiation which can cause serious health problems. Nighttime exposure to the screen display of electronic devices is especially dangerous, because at that time they emit significant amounts of ”blue light”. This ”blue light” can cause serious vision problems. It also affects production of melatonin, which helps control your sleep and wake cycles.

Scientists have linked the following three health issues to using smartphones at night.

Increases the risk of cancer

Increased ”blue light” at night affects the quality of your sleep and increases the risk of cancer, especially breast cancer and prostate cancer. ”Blue light” inhibits production of melatonin, which is a potent antioxidant and it protects the body against cancer. The constant use of smartphones before you go to sleep can lead to serious health complications.

Sleep loss

Your body needs sleep and if you are not getting enough sleep, you will experience depression, putting on weight, cardiovascular problems, memory problems, lack of concentration, and premature aging.

Eye damage 

The excessive exposure to ”blue light” at night can damage the retina and lead to macular degeneration and cataracts.

Make sure you turn off your electrical devices before bedtime.

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