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5 Easy to stop habits to reduce belly size in an instant

We all have bad habits when it comes to healthy diet and these one make our belly increase and layers fat. But if you stop these habits you can reduce this fat and lower the size of your belly.

There are many causers for this condition too much drink, excess air trapped in the digestive tract, or your favorite beef steak which is best if it is made by grandma (caloric and fatty). No matter what the cause is for bloating your belly you can remove the feeling and reduce the belly size just by changing your habits.

Eating too fast 

With this busy lifestyle we live, sometimes the time for regular activities is too short and we squeeze everything in order to achieve the goals of the day. But, eating is one of the regular things that we must do in calm.

You have heard of the fact that eating and swallowing too fast can cause bloating and therefore increases the size of the belly and it is not a myth. It is also bad for your gut since the digesting process is slowed down. Nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg explains the reason behind the bloating. She claims that if you eat quickly you have no time chewing properly so large pieces of food are stuck in your gut. As a result of this the digesting cannot be proceed. It can makes you feel like you are hungry although you have eaten more than usual. The advise is eating slowly without rush, taking time for food to digest properly.

Soda addiction 

The thing that we cannot live without – the soda is the sweetest, refreshing drink we cannot stop using it. According to Middleberg, the bubbles in soda are causing swelling of your stomach with the bubble sensation. Your think that if you drink diet soda it does not have the same effect as regular one, and this  can lead you to the wrong direction since diet sodas are worst. They contain artificial sweeteners which can swell your stomach as they cannot be digest in the right way.

You cannot stop drinking it? Well, at least try to cut the intake or mix it with ice cubes and wait the bubbles to disappear.

You love packaged food

If you take unreasonable amount of sodium in your body it can be bad for your health and stomach. This substance is found in the packaged food in high consistence. It is the main ingredient in processed convenience foods and preservatives and it is a part of your favorite chips as well. Foods which promote health and nutritive values like salad dressings, soups and cereals can be full with sodium.

Nutritionist Janet Brill from Philadelphia wants you to know that every wrapped food in package is likely to contain sodium, without the awareness of the consumer since someone cannot stand salt for example.

The solution is to start using fresh and natural ingredients like veggies, fruits and grains instead of large quantity of sodium in the packaged food.

Eating close to bedtime  

Most of the people take their dinner right before the time for bed. If this is your way of dining then it is most likely that the result would be belly fat. If you lay down that suggests you are sleeping and every part of your body shuts off.

A spokesperson Alissa Rumsey, for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says that laying down slows the digestion of the food so the breaking down of the food is not as fast as if you are awake. This makes sense since we can do more activities while conscious rather than when asleep.

It is recommended to eat at least three to four hours before you like to sleep or if you have no choice but to eat something right before bedtime then eat light yogurt or a piece of fruit. If you schedule your meals you will never have problem with night snacks.

Part of your excuse – food allergies

Food allergies can be present in every one of us and you cannot be sure weather you are immune or not. Belly expansion can be caused as a result of some sensitivities and allergies. Some of the people have wheat allergy and cannot digest the gluten therefore they have bloated stomach and the belly is expanded. The same goes for the lactose intolerant people since it can cause great discomfort.

You must go to your doctor and make a test for food allergies to make sure which food you must avoid at any cost.

We hope that with these advise you will be more careful with food consummation and drink intake.

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