7 Interesting Facts You NEED to Know About Your Blood Type!

We present you seven facts about blood types that you will surely find surprising. Once you learn them, you will have new understanding for the blood that runs through your veins.

1. Different Nutritional Needs

Peter J. D’Adamo is a naturopath who confirms that different blood types have different nutritional needs. Since those with blood type O are prone to stomach and digestion problems, they need to have a diet high in proteins, with lots of fish, poultry, meat, and vegetables.

People with blood type A have sensitive immune system, so they need to consume lots of citrus, as well as veggies such as spinach, broccoli, and garlic. Those with blood type B produce cortisol in a higher amounts than normal. Therefore, they should avoid alcohol, vegetable oils, and trans fats.

2. Blood Type Influences the Personality

The Asian medicine is long familiar with this fact. People with O blood type usually worry a lot and are very organized and practical. On the other hand, those with blood type AB don’t have a lot of worries, and they are strong and rational.

Type A individuals are usually kind and compassionate and always put someone else’s needs before their own. People with blood type B tend to be friendly, outgoing, and emotionally flexible.4


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