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These 8 Egyptian Secrets Will Make Your Hair and Skin Look Better Than Ever

The market offers many cosmetic products.

However, you should be very careful when choosing beauty products for hair and skin.

Some of them can be very helpful, but there are also cosmetic products which are not that safe. So, why don’t you prepare your own homemade cosmetic products? They don’t contain chemicals and improve the quality of your skin and hair.

Ancient Egyptians were known for their beauty treatments. Cleopatra was a woman of unique beauty, who used natural remedies to take care of her appearance.

What was the secret to her beautiful look? Here you have the 8 Egyptian secrets to having impeccable look:

Coconut Butter for Hair 

Use shea butter, or coconut oil for beautiful and healthy hair.

A Bath with Milk and Honey 

Cleopatra was known for her ritual of bathing in milk and honey. These ingredients exfoliate and renew the skin. To be more precise, milk contains lactic acid which removes dead skin cells. Honey has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Aloe Vera

Ancient Egyptians described Aloe Vera as the ”plant of immortality.” They used it to treat different ailments, from digestive disorders to skin burns. So, no wonder that today Aloe Vera is used as the best skin and hair treatment.

Face Mask with Fenugreek Seed

Egyptian women used fenugreek seed face mask to cleanse their face and make it soft. Additionally, they believed that tea made from fenugreek seeds can increase their breast size.

Coffee Facial Mask 

Mix a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and three tablespoons of coffee grounds. Mix them well. Then, apply this solution on your face. This natural face scrub will thoroughly clean your face.

Anti-Aging Treatment with Almond Oil 

Almond oil is a great antioxidant which can help slow down aging. Ancient Egyptians used it a as natural moisturizer.

Oils Which Boost Hair Growth 

Ancient Egyptian women used rosemary and almond oil to nourish their hair and increase its growth. They also used myrrh, frankincense, and other aromatic oils for hygiene and scent.


Egyptians had many rituals, and makeup was no exception. Egyptian women used natural ingredients as eyeshadow, lipstick, and hair dye. For example, they used saffron as eyeshadow, henna for hair dyeing, and red ochre as their lipstick. They also used henna to color their nails, and burnt almonds to darken their eyebrows. As we can see, makeup has a long history.


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