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What are the Benefits and Risk of Cesarean Section

Mothers can gave birth to a child in two ways: by natural vaginal birth or with surgical delivery with cesarean section. You or someone you know may ask whether they have an option to choose the cesarean section and should they go for it. There are many different reasons why the C-section is planned before. Most of the cases such as delivering a large baby, delivering multiple babies, the position of the baby or medical condition of the mother (herpes, blood pressure, diabetes, HIV) are risky with vaginal delivery that is why the C-section is used.

Emergency cases

There are many cases where the C-section is crucial and unplanned. These are the cases in which the mother, the baby or both of them are in dangerous position. It can occur as a consequence during the pregnancy or the labor for example, lack of oxygen for the baby, blood clots and many others.

Can someone get C-section without medical reason?

The answer is yes, since mothers can choose the way they will deliver their baby before labor. Ladies are offered to choose between the normal birth and C-section because they have difficulty and if they already experienced painful vaginal delivery. For most of the cases C-section is a life savior since it can  save both lives but it is still risky in comparison with the normal birth. It includes surgery method which cuts the mother’s belly and removes the baby. If the first delivery was made with C-section then it is most likely that the next one will be the same. However, vaginal pregnancy is still the most preferred and safest way.

Pros of Cesarean section for Baby

C-section is not very beneficial for the babies unless it is at great risk. Babies that are wrapped with their umbilical cords need to be safely removed that is why the C-section is required. Women having health problems like HIV or herpes need to get C-section since it will reduce the chance of the baby to get the infection.

Pros of Cesarean section for Mother

There are no advantages for the mother when getting C-section unless a great risk threatens. Many mothers think they will loosen the pain from delivery by C-section but the recovery takes longer than the normal birth. In many cases when the mother cannot handle the pain, C-section proves increadibly helpful.

Cons of C-section for Baby

Babies are more exposed to breathing problems at birth which can continue during the childhood or cause asthma. They are at great risk when it comes to C-section delivery since they can be stillborn. This method is invasive surgery so the risk of being nicked during the procedure is very high. Babies delivered via C-section are proven to be more prone to obesity than the normal delivered one.

Cons of C-section for Mother

Women who had C-section will take more time in hospital than the one with normal birth since the procedure requires longer period of recovery. There is a risk of complication during and after the procedure therefore the woman needs to stay in the hospital for further examinations. She can be at risk of having great pain and soreness around the body as a consequence of the cutting. It makes even hard to move and can cause many infections and blood loss during the surgery.

Is it risky?

This method can be completely safe and the mother can even plan it before the labor. Doctors are prepared and can analyze the risk before the procedure. It can become risky if the situation is sudden and when a complication rises because neither doctors nor the patient is prepared.

The ultimate goal is to deliver the baby save and sound but if there is someone to advise you how to do it that is your doctor. In some of the cases the cesarean section is inevitable and sometimes doctors must choose either the mother or the baby to live. However, there is plenty of time before you choose the way you will deliver your child. Until then enjoy your pregnancy days and read this article for further information.

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