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The Best 10 Foods for Fiber and Rankings

Usually we all lack fibers and other good foods. Average female 50 or more eats 25 g fiber and male adult just 38 g fiber daily.

You need fiber to digest better and keep a good digestion.. deficit in fiber is bad and causes hemorrhoids, constipation, cholesterol and blood sugar.

Best fiber foods

Corn and bran

76 g has 240% daily fiber. Other brans like rice bran, wheat bran have 1% less. And oat bran has 58% fiber RDA.


1 cup has2 g fiber and cooked has 3 g. broccoli for one cup has 2.4 g fiber and cooked is 5g.


Has 5.5 g fiber


In 1 cup you get almost no calories and 3 g fiber.


Cooked is 4 g in a cup same with red cabbage. Regular type is 12% RDA and Chinese one just 8%


1 cup is 10 g fiber. Also carbs, healthy fats too


They have 4.4 g in medium apple and 2.4% RDA


Loads potassium, fibers are 2.6% RDA


They fight cancer and for cup there is 3.4 g and none calories


It has 2.8 % RDA fibers and iron, copper, manganese and potassium.

You cannot all these  replace them with some other foods like, cup black beans is better than mashed potatos with 15 g fiber and plain tomato has just 3.1 g fiber.

Source: www.organichealthuniverse.com

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