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Your body needs detoxification NOT DIET!

detoxification of your body will bring you great benefits! When you are willing to detox your body you will immediately feel different. You will get more energy and will for achieving more, doing more things, you will feel enthusiastic about life and fresh, like you woke up feeling rested and pleased. So WAKE UP and try to put a habit of detoxifying your body at least once a week!

The body needs detoxification, not a new diet. The most important organism in the body is the lungs, liver diva, the kidney, intestine and the skin. They are doing the most vital body function that is important for protection of the body.  if we eat unhealthy food that contain toxins we will stress out this organs and naturally we will feel depressed, tired, nervous, we can all sudden put on a lot of or lose weight, we can have a strong migraine, our concentration will be lost, we can feel lost and faintness may appear, muscle pain can appear, problems with acne, skin etc.

In order to avoided this unnecessary health problems that make life more difficult for us we can simply decide to put a NEW HEALTHY HABIT IN OUR LIFE (At least ones a week) – DETOXIFICATION OF OUR WONDERFUL BODY!

Here are some tips for detoxification! They are so cool, just try them out!


You will do yourself a huge favor if you cut off cigarettes, coffee and alcohol at least ones a week! You can start with coffee. The coffee contains a lot of coffin and toxins that are just not important to the body. Infect they can be harmful. So star your day with a some cup of tea or fresh squired juice for a change! Yes, I know that you can’t live without your cigarettes, but please, please just try to cut them off ones a week, or if you can’t do that at least reduce the amount you smoke usually. And alcohol, come on I am sure you do not drink all days of the week (joking).


Did you know the fact that the body is spending 20-30% of its energy just for processing the food you have eaten? So imagine if you eat more healthy, fresh and so called “easy” food how much extra energy you will get to do other activities that you usually do not have energy for? Isn’t this awesome? You can do this by consuming fresh veggie and fruit juices, eating salads or just eating raw fruits and vegetables. We can call all juices “magical” but among all vegetables the cucumbers, the beetroot, carrot (separately or together mixed) pull out as the most effective detox food.


With the fasting you can feel surer of yourself, confident and secure. It is very important to drink at least 3 liters fluent daily – juices, water, tea etc. You can feel the difference in yourself after the fasting, you will feel reviling of your abdomen, your digestive system will be refreshed your eyes and face will lightened, your eyes will be rested, your mind will be calm, positive and consistent.


Resting isn’t just laying down the bad on a horizontal position while all the thoughts in the world are rushing back and forward in your mind. The golden rule of resting is that your body needs to be balanced with your thoughts, meaning your body and your thoughts have to be relaxed. You can try yoga or tai chi to calm your spirit. It is very good even when you are at vacation to get up early and separate time for yourself. You can write a journal, meditate and listen to relaxing music.

  1. SUN

The spring and the summer are full of sunny days. Use them wisely. The sun produces vitamin D which is really good for fast exchanging of material. Let the sunlight bring warmth and calmness in your spirit and give you beauty and bring you positive new life energy.


Avoid eating any tip of meat and dairy products also avoid eggs and produced food, junk food, unhealthy snacks, chocolate etc. You can eat products such as spinach, leaf vegetables, citrus fruit, broccoli, spring onion, whole grains, legumes, various germ, and unrefined oils. Your nutritional can also contain spices that purify, such as turmeric, cumin, anise, ginger, black pepper, from which you can create your own pot of tea. Chop all ingredients and scalding them with boiling water. After 5 minutes, drain and serve them.


In everyday activities we are breathing very shallow and that effect us because we bring a small amount of oxygen in the body. Because of our shallow breath we often feel tired and nervous and we have insomnia. Healthy breathing can bring you very positive effect. Try it out! Start breathing consciously. Inhale deep – hold your breath 10 seconds – excel deep. Just try it out for 20-30 minutes daily and feel the difference for yourself!

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