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How To Calm Fussy Babies Instantly By Pressing These 7 Points Of Their Feet

Many people think that baby crying is meaningless, but actually crying is a unique mechanism of babies to indicate that they are facing some discomfort, either tummy pains, flu, congestion, or constipation.

One of the most important things for the fresh mothers are pediatrician-recommended treatments and medications, but certain homemade remedies and ancient tips are also of great help.

If you want to calm fussy babies, we have a solution for your problem. The following foot reflexology tips can be extremely beneficial. Certain areas on the feet are linked to different muscles, body parts, and organs, and by applying pressure, you can do wonders like soothe the discomfort due to congestion and constipation.

Muscles and ligaments of the babies’ feet are not completely developed, so foot reflexology offers potent therapeutic effects.

When babies are crying, parents are not aware what to do. So, they often rub the tummy, feet, or hand. The following methods can provide great benefits for your baby:

Babies’ feet and hand contain reflex points that are connected to particular bones, organs, and body systems. But be careful, medical opinion of the pediatrician is very important, and we suggest these routines as a combination with pediatrician advice.

– When your baby is crying as a result of teething, gently press the toes to smooth the discomfort and to stop the baby’s crying.  Toes are related with infant’s head and teeth.

– If your baby is suffering from a runny nose or has difficulties with breathing due to accumulated mucus, just rub the center of baby’s toes. The center of the toes is connected with sinuses of the baby.

– if your baby has some difficulties in breathing, sleeping, or eating as a result of colds and infections, all you have to do is to rub the balls of the feet, below the neck of the toes. These parts of the babies’ feet are related with lungs.

-If you baby feels discomfort in his stomach, including spasms, tightness, trouble breathing, upset tummy, gently press the area below the foot ball.

– If your baby has an obstruction problem, just rum the center of the foot soles and if you want to stimulate the smooth movements of bowels, then you should gently rub his tummy.

-If your baby has a constipation problem, you should massage the feet of your baby.

-If you want to eliminate gasses and stimulate the large intestine, you should rub the lower areas of the sole.

-The pelvic region matches to the heels, so rub the area in the case of problems with the tummy or the hips.

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