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Can food prevent wrinkles?

Yes it can! Researches on this subject are basically theoretical but the sciences from the Nutritional Center in the University of Boston, collect a list with 25 fruits and vegetables that can rejuvenate the body of an individual and slowing down the aging.

Dried plums, grapes and the blueberries are on top of the list of the nutritious fruits that can act against the wrinkles. The main characteristic of these ingredients is the high amount of antioxidants which fight with the free radicals.

The scientists made a measurement of the strength of different types of food. This value is called ORAC ( Oxigen Radical Absorbance Capacity).  The theory is based on the fact that when you absorb food with high ORAC, the value increases the number of antioxidants in the body, which prevent premature aging.

This food (the list below ) besides reducing the wrinkles can help and protect joints from arthritis, reduces the risk of heart diseases and increases protection against various types of cancer. Considered that this food (the list below) is rich with antioxidants, it can prevent early dementia and senility.

Fight against wrinkles with food

Fruit/vegetablesORAC unites in 100grFruit/vegetablesORAC unites in 100gr
Garlic1,939Black grapes739
Kale1,770Red pepper731
Raspberries1,227Red Grapefruit483
Brussels sprouts980Corn402


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