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The Public health England institute has found out that kids consume the maximum daily recommended intake of sugar at their breakfast. When you count the sugar consumed by the end of the day that is almost three times more than the healthy limit.


The daily recommended intake of sugar for the kids from four to six years old is five cubes a day and six cubes for the ones from age seven to ten. So, many health problems appear as a result of this excessive sugar intake. What’s more, eight out of ten parents think that their children’s breakfast is healthy and the amount of sugar they consume is normal.

PHE is launching a campaign to bring issues connected to intemperate sugar admission to light. It has built up an application that permits individuals to output items scanner tags to perceive how much sugar, saturated fat and salt they contain.

The science director at the British Nutrition Foundation, Sara Stanner, says that when they were analyzing the number of breakfasts across England families they saw a high amount of free sugars and a low amount of fiber in many cases. Also, some studies have found out that more than one out of five children are overweight in England.

The government made a strategy and as a part of it they would bring in a sugar tax, which will set up the cost of sugary sodas. The Obesity Health Alliance said that the healthy choice is not the easy choice, but that it is important to have measures like this and that the strategy will be of a big help in creating a healthier environment.

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