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Clean Feet In Half Hour With Easy Baking Soda Mixture

Happy feet, happy life.

Seriously, it’s easy to forget how important our feet are…and they are pretty much the most neglected part of our body.

You don’t need an expensive spa treatment to take care of your feet. Spending just a few minutes a day on foot care and choosing the right shoes can keep you free of problems that may lead to pain and even disability.

Tired and sore feet have become more commonplace and so has the concern with healthy feet. That’s why, in addition to traditional enamels, pedicures now include reflexology massages to relieve tension throughout the body, warm paraffin wax to moisturize, and exfoliation (or scaling) techniques to smooth skin.

Here are the instructions:


  • 3 tablespoons of baking soda
  • 4-5 liters of water


Take hot water and some baking soda and mix them for the baking soda to dissolve and put your feet in it for 15-20 minutes. After that rub the feet with a pumice stone and put some Vaseline or nourishing cream on them and put on socks.

There will be some results right after the first treatment. But you should do this on a daily basis for about 5-7 day. Then make a pause for seven days and do the treatment for extra seven days. Repeat the procedure three times for a whole week.


Alternate the shoes you wear each day. That may mean having two pairs of your favorite everyday style, but shoes need time to air out to avoid triggering foot odor or infections. Change socks or stockings more than once a day. If you have a problem with smelly feet, soak them in a mixture of vinegar and water.

  • Don’t walk barefoot; wear a pair of flip-flops at the pool, beach or in a locker room.
  • Drink lots of water to help reduce swelling of the feet and ankles. When traveling, take frequent breaks to flex your feet, ankles and toes.
  • Use water shoes if you’re visiting the beach, a creek, pond or lake. Pack a pair of dry shoes to change into.

source: barenaturalhealth   weightlossassistant

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