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Epic Vitamin Salad of The Day!

This is a recipe for an Epic Salad of the day! It is easy to make, it has all the vitamins you need: Vitamin C, A, B1, B2 , B5, B6, calcium, iron etc. You can play with the choice of ingredients and you can add new to your taste as well!


1 middle size tomato,

7-8 leaves of spinach,

100 grams of green cabbage,

2 middle size carrots,

5-6 leaves of lettuce,

1 middle size green peppers,

50-100 grams of red cabbage and

squeezed 1 middle size lemon to spice the salad

salt to taste

Chop this ingredients and put it in a dish and there you go, you made your own Epic salad! It takes to make just 5-10 minutes! Enjoy!


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