Foods That Cause Cancer

Many are astonished to learn that there are certain foods an individual should stop eating immediately because they form cancer in the body. These foods are not healthy for the body, so it would be beneficial in many ways to eliminate them from the diet if at all possible.

Many people think that microwave popcorn is such a great snack. Yes it does taste great and can be rather filling, but a healthier option is using a popcorn popper. Making a bag of microwave popcorn releases cancer causing perfluorooctanoic acid from the bag the popcorn is popped in.

Processed meats make a quick meal, but are not healthy for the body as they contain sodium nitrates and other chemicals. These carcinogens will keep the meat fresh, but will play havoc on the body, causing cancer to set in.

Fried food snacks, such as chips, are something that everyone should steer clear of. They are not only loaded down with fats that are not healthy for the body, but they contain a cancer causing agent.

Non-organic fruits should be avoided. Yes they are very healthy for the body, but they often contain pesticides and high nitrogen fertilizers. Even washing the fruits thoroughly will not remove these chemicals.

Individuals should also stay away from cola drinks. Not only do they have way to much sugar in them and hold no nutritional value, but Colas have 4-MI(4-methylimidazole) added to it. This is what gives the caramel coloring, but in many individuals, it is linked to causing cancer.

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