Ginger – Epic remedy from the nature

Distorted and hunchbacked, but full of life, ginger at first glance looks like a pretty sloppy plant. Despite of the unattractive look, ginger is among the most versatile product worldwide. It can be used fresh, in fried state or as powder for preparation of soups, vegetable dishes, rice, sauces and cakes.  It is also used in medicine.

This herb contains proteins, essential oils, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, manganese, folic acid, and vitamins C and B6. Chinese medicine has recommended ginger to be useful in combination with other herbs because it has the power to accelerate their action. It is quite aromatic, with strong, sharp taste and a pleasant odor due to the essential oil.

Energy and nutritional value

One root of ginger, in quantity of 100 grams has energy value of 80 kcal, of whose composition is 1.82 g protein, fat 0.75 g carbohydrates 18 g. The mineral composition of root ginger is very diverse, and contains significant amounts of potassium, copper, magnesium and manganese. From vitamins contain vitamin C, B vitamins including vitamin B6 in smaller amounts and niacin.

Curative properties of ginger

Ginger is used as food and medicine for centuries. In India yellow ginger has been used in traditional treatments for heart disease and wound healing. In Asian medicine is used to treat colds and relieve breathing, prevents blood clotting, reduces cholesterol, acts against inflammation and improves the immune system. If it is used regularly it can reduces chronic fatigue, improve memory, and because of the stimulus properties is not recommended using at before bedtime because it can cause insomnia. For different purposes, a standard daily dose of ginger powder is 1-4 g, which is necessary to take 2-4 doses.

Ginger is also used for anti-inflammatory, placed as coating the swollen spot, against spasms, reduces pain in muscle and bone problems, used as a prevention against colds and it can soothe the cough, improves blood circulation, prevents the formation of thrombus and it is an effective remedy for migraines and flu. Ginger can help with headaches and stomachaches. It improves mental alertness, perception and can facilitates breathing and coughing.

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