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Here are 5 reasons for you to stop disposing off used tea bags

You make tea, you dip tea-bags in – but don’t throw them away after you are done with them! Even after providing you with a rejuvenating drink, they have enough benefits left in them to help you out in five ways.

  1. Tea is an excellent ingredient for reducing blemishes on the skin! It contains tannin which being anti-inflammatory and soothing removes redness and swelling. Hence it is effective against under-eye bags, herpes marks, bruises, scratches and pigmentations on the skin. Just wet the tea-bag under cold running water and apply to the affected areas for about 15 minutes.
  2. No need to buy shoe deodorizers or fancy dehumidifiers for your expensive boots! Tea-bags will help you out even here! Simply dry tea-bags and slip them into each shoe, and the wonder-bags will soak up the dampness and bad odor.
  3. Are you dreading washing up after dinner because you know you have about a dozen hard-crusted utensils in the kitchen sink? Yes, you’ve guessed it – tea-bags to the rescue again! Simply fill the sink with water and put in a tea-bag, and soak the cookware in it overnight, for easy scrubbing in the morning.
  4. Tea is also an excellent natural anti-insect and anti-pest ingredient. If you know the zones in your house where the dreaded creatures lurk, place tea-bags there to shoo them away without spraying harsh chemicals inside your home.
  5. Sometimes your fridge starts stinking, what with various kinds of food odors, spilled food and sometimes even spoiled food. There is a very easy way to get rid of this bad odor – just toss in a used bag of tea in one corner, and you are done. It will absorb the bad smell in the fridge.

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