Hot Water and Lemon – How Healthy this Beverage really is

As we need to have a daily shower on the outside, it is also necessary to have a daily cleaning from the inside. Begin your day with a cup of warm water with half a lemon squeezed, it will act surprisingly well on your health.

Ever since ancient times, when it was not known, yet, about vitamins and how useful they are for our health, lemon was used as a medicine. After you find out all the secrets that hides this simple and surprising drink, you will not be able to function without it:

Lemon is an excellent skin cleanser

It is known that vitamin C acts strongly in the fight against aging and free radicals. On the outside, as well as on the inside the lemon juice cleans the skin. Every morning drink water with lemon and with time your skin will shine.

Fewer Cravings

This water stops unhealthy cravings, and this is due to enzymes and vitamins that regulate blood sugar and make the weight regulated too. Also, there is pectin that improves digestion.

Flushed kidney stones

This water has potassium, a mineral that raises citrate levels in urine and stops oxalates.

Food poisoning

Have lemon water daily to prevent such poisonings when you travel.


This issue is an imbalance of alkalinity and acidity. Cure it with lemon water to balance the pH in the blood.

Speeds up digestion

Hot water with lemon reduces heartburn in the stomach and stimulates the digestive system. This simple drink stimulates the bowel, and hot water relaxes the muscles, which reduces bloating and indigestion.

Regulate the pH value

The balance of acids and bases in the body is extremely important for our health. Our body is continuously in an effort to maintain a constant concentration in the blood of the acidity to pH 7.4. When this balance is disturbed, for whatever reason, there are many problems, from fatigue to a variety of diseases. Lemon, compared with other fruit, the most acidic to taste, causes the highest alkaline value of blood and thus reduces the level of acidity in the body.

Excellent source of vitamin C and potassium

Potassium makes the heart healthy and brain active. It is a powerful ally in the regulation of blood pressure and reduces the risk of developing a cold. In addition to the precious minerals, lemon contains vitamin C, one of the most important substances for the strengthening of the immune system, and its deficiency causes fatigue, anemia, nervousness, anxiety and depression.

Helps with weight loss

The liver is the organ that filters out everything that enters the body. Intake of unhealthy food and other vices is additionally a burden and reduces its function. Hot water with lemon helps in the liver purification and stimulates its operation which promotes the loss of fat tissue.

Freshens breath

Besides being an excellent source of minerals and vitamins, lemon is excellent for people with chronic halitosis. All the ingredients of lemon, but preferably vitamin C, are important in protecting the gums. The only drawback is that the citric acid can destroy the enamel so do not forget to brush your teeth after drinking this beverage.

Provides body hydration

Water makes up over 70 percent of the human body and good hydration is essential for digestion, flushing out toxins and removing wastes from the body and maintains healthy skin. After a restful night of sleep, the body is dehydrated and needs to compensate for the fluid that is lost through sweating and breathing. A cup of hot water with lemon helps to start the day refreshed and hydrated.

Lemon peel is a valuable source of health

If lemons are grown organically without the use of pesticides and fungicides, you should use their peel after squeezing. In lemon’s peel there are valuable ingredients such as vitamin C, A, beta-carotene, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Grate and freeze crust, if necessary sprinkle over salads, soups, fish, meat, or add it to hot tea.

Every morning before you drink or eat anything, drink a glass of warm water with half a squeezed lemon juice, and after a month you will notice a positive effect on the whole body.

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