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Household Cleaning Products that You Should Not Mix

Many people are ignorant to the fact that it is dangerous to mix different household detergents. When you mix different household detergents together, poisonous gases will be released. These poisonous gases can damage your health when you inhale them. The article outlines a few dangerous combinations that you should avoid.

You must never attempt to combine a window cleaning solution with a universal cleaner. Not only it won’t produce a better cleaning detergent but it can also be hazardous to your health. The following are some of the mixtures you should avoid.

Baking soda and Vinegar Can Cause Explosions
Baking soda and vinegar should never be mixed together. It may seemed like it is all right to mix these two ingredients to create a cleaning detergent but it is not. The acetic acid in the vinegar can react with the baking soda and produce a gas called carbon dioxide. Mixing these two ingredients will form carbon dioxide bubbles that explode.

Bleach and Ammonia Can Cause Ammonia Poisoning
You must never mix bleach and ammonia because it can cause ammonia poisoning. Combining bleach and ammonia will release a deadly chlorine vapor that can damage your eyes. If you are exposed to this poisonous gas, you may experience symptoms such as burning of eyes, temporary blindness, asthma, cough and chest pain.

Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide Forms Peracetic Acid
Another combination you should avoid is vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. The acetic acid in the vinegar can react with the hydrogen peroxide to form peracetic acid. Exposure to peracetic acid can cause damages on the skin, eyes and lungs.

Chlorine Bleach and Vinegar Make Chlorine Gas
As a rule of thumb, you should never mix any type of acid with chlorine because it can produce a chlorine gas. Instead of mixing them together to save money, you should buy new bleach.

Alcohol and Bleach Produces Chloroform
It is a bad idea to mix bleach and alcohol. This is because the sodium hypochlorite in the bleach can react with the ethanol in the alcohol and produce chloroform. Chloroform can increase the risk of cancer. It can also cause destroy the nervous system, kidneys, liver and respiratory system.

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