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Mothers Must Read This: Secrets for Wise Motherhood

k17299996Despite of the fact that every woman is different and unique in her own way, there are few things that can be considered helpful for women to be more relaxed and successful in their roles as mothers.

First thing that is common for all successful mothers is that they do not argue with their children for every detail and every little thing the kids do. They insist to argue only about important things. They set roles that must be respected and successful mothers how what is a “must” and know when is appropriate to discuss and negotiate with their children.

Wise mother is teaching her children to be independent. This does not mean that happy mother let their children do whatever they like. Wise mothers know what their child can do and they encourage them to go for it. For example, two year old can bring his/hers plate to the kitchen sink, four year old can put putter on the bread, seven year old kid can help with the cleaning. These mothers don’t expect perfection when their children perform these little tasks, but they know that they can organize the whole process and encourage effective and positive habits in the life of their children.

Wise mothers are aware of the growth and development of their children and do not expect things and behavior that are out of the normal possibilities.

Happy mothers know that the day is long but the year short and they know that they cannot make everything happened. Knowing this they reduce their high expectations and deal with everyday situations. They use the rainy day for quality time with the children doing creative things, reading and playing.

Happy mothers do not forget themselves. When women have children, they often forget about their needs and focus all their energy only on the family. This unfortunately leads to disappointment and frustration letter on. Wise mothers worry about themselves too. They are careful about what food they consume; they use cosmetics and exercise often. Happy mothers know that in order to have a healthy body weight you need to pay attention and they do not blame pregnancy for obesity two years later.

Wise mothers do not care about the opinion of others. Happy mother knows what she are doing and do not pay attention to people’s opinions outside her home.

Happy mother’s always have their own job/hobby/thing. They devote their time in their every day job, they can have a hobby, do sports once or twice a week, study something they like or other because they know that one day their children will grow up and when they do, with the help their personal interest will better coop when the children leave their house.



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