Peanuts – Very Helpful and Healthy Snack

Ten year old research in Harvard has shown that if woman consume 200 grams of nuts during the whole week they can reduce the risk of heart diseases for 30 percent. And if instad of nuts they consume peanuts the risk can be twice time reduced.

The peanuts, above all, we can put in the category of products that fed your brain because they can make your memory better, your concentration better and have a positive effect on your hearing.

The nutritive value of the peanuts is very suitable for vegetarians, for persons that have health difficulties because of folic acid deficiency and its very good for persons that suffer form cardio vascular diseases. \

Like all legumes, the peanuts have a positive effect when the person is faced with:

1. Diabetics – because the peanuts have the ability to contain sugar balance or sometimes even low level of sugar in the blood

2. Weakened male potency

3. It can stimulate the secretion of milk in nursing mothers.

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