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Potatoes – Epic Vegetable for Life

Thanks to the unique biological value of the potato and its ocean of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, is considered to be one of the most nutrition vegetables!

The potato contains about 60 different phyto components and very important minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc and iron. The potato has also many vitamins like vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B9. It is very rich with vitamin C, which significantly helps with the absorption of the iron in the body. The potato contains carbohydrates, especially starch, protein and a small amount of fat. Nutrients in the potato are not equally deployed. Biggest part of the proteins and vitamin C are just below the jacked.

The latest research shows that the potato also contains very important active biological proteins. These proteins have very powerful antioxidant affect which protect the organism form diseases and early aging, besides that they have the ability to reduce the high blood pressure.

Boiled potato of 100 g has about 80 kcal, the credit for this energy value is on the starch. But you have to know that the glyceric index of the potato depends of brewing method. For example the glyceric index of baked potato is 95, for boiled potato is 70 and for boiled potato if is not peeled is 65. That’s why is recommended to boil the potato with the peel.

Also for better health effect you should consume the potato cooled.

You should definitely avoid consuming fried potatoes (fries) because it increases the levels of saturated fat and is very healthy!

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