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Quick Solution for Sore Throat

One of the most irritating pains is sore throat that can happen several times during one year. The most common causes of sore throat are viruses and in that case the symptoms can be treated in domestic conditions but if it is a case of bacterial infections it is recommended that the person consult a doctor and use prescript antibiotics.

Here are the quick solutions for sore throat that you can defiantly try out:

  1. Supplements

Vitamin C – it is very well known that vitamin C straightens the immune system, so additionally to that it can help with sore throat. The most important one thing that most of people don’t know is what amount of Vitamin C is recommended for daily use.  When you face inflammation it is recommend that you increase the amount of vitamins for about 1000 mg daily. ( The recommended daily dose of Vitamin C is 40-100 mg depending of the age and the condition of the organism of the person.

  1. Calcium

The calcium is needed for the bones. Although it is not very well known but it is also recommended for sore throat. Calcium acts anti-inflammatory, it straighten the resistance of leukocytes and has positive effect on the capillary walls.

  1. Oregano

Oregano is a natural antiseptic which can help you with the inflammation caused by the sore throat.

  1. Honey

The honey relieves cough and soothes mucous membrane. So it will bring you good if you use it regularly. It is recommended to consume with hot tea, because in this period the organism needs more fluids than usual.

  1. Propolis

The propolis has expressed antibiotic action. The most effective way to heal sour throat is when the propolis is applied directly to the mucus membrane of the throat.

  1. Hygiene is the most important

The throat, mouth and nose can be rinsed and clean. If you do this you can reduce the concentration of bacteria and impurities. The throat is rinse through “Gargara” with lukewarm water.

  1. Analgesics

Inflammatory throat cannot be healed momentary so it is very useful to know how you can reduce the pain. Herbal paste is quite effective as anti-inflammatory with reducing the pain.


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