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Consuming fish regularly, which means at least two times a week, has more health benefits than you can imagine. It can treat numerous diseases and conditions and it can help reduce the risk of many health disorders. There is a list of health issues that eating fish can help prevent and treat.

It is good to eat more fish while you are breastfeeding your child since the mother’s milk in rich in omega 3 fatty acids, so your child will have a perfect eyesight.

The results from some studies have shown that those kids that consume fish are less likely to end up with asthma than those kids who do not eat fish.

Rheumatoid arthritis
Reduce the inflammation and the awful symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis just by having fish for lunch once a week.

Many types of cancer such as colon, breast, prostate and oral can be prevented since fish is full with omega 3 fatty acids. So, its regular consumption can lower the risk by almost 50%.

Consuming fish at least once a week can lower the chance of developing dementia.

Brain disorders
Eating fish can help you prevent and treat epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, autism, concussions and many other brain disorders.

You can prevent insulin spikes and balance your blood sugar levels just by eating fish.

Premature births
Eat a healthy diet high in fish while you are pregnant and you will lower the chance of delivering your baby too soon.

Fish can help you reduce the symptoms of depression because it is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Cardiovascular disease
Consuming fish can lower the risk of a stroke, heart disease, inflammation of the heart tissues, blood clots, etc. It will also increase the levels of good cholesterol.

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