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Recipe That Will Help You Grow Hair Twice As Fast

Maybe you dream of having long hair that is shiny?  Well, you might want to know that there is a homemade recipe that is easy to make, you can make it at home and it will help your hair to grow two times faster.  Many are surprised to know that red onions can help make the hair grow faster.  It can also help stop the graying process and will help to reduce hair loss. Red onion juice has been used by many celebrities, and can really help to improve the look and quality of the hair.  In 87% of cases, it is seen that red onion juice will prevent hair breakage in as little as a month.  As an added benefit to this, there are not any side effects. 

Red onion juice will help improve the blood circulation in the scalp as well as reduce a skin inflammation.  The hair will be much stronger, and the hair follicles will be opened. 

The following recipe should be used 2 to 3 times per month. 

Begin by dicing 2 to 4 onions after cleaning them.  Squeeze out the onion juice for the best results.  However, one may wish to blend the onions.  One tablespoon of honey should be added into the red onion juice, no matter if the onions are squeezed or blended.  The onion juice mixture should be rubbed onto the scalp.  Leave the mixture on the scalp for 15 minutes to half an hour.  The smell may get to an individual but the effects will be far greater.  The juice can be left on for one hour to see the greatest results.  Rinse the hair well after each treatment.

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