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See what will happen if you massage this point on the ear

Have you at any point simply sat down and kneaded your ears? Likely not, however you would be shocked what can happen when your ears get kneaded.

Kneading the ears can alleviate anxiety, says Dr. Sandomirsky a specialist of restorative science and psychiatry. The wellspring of anxiety changes in everybody and each experience is distinctive. When the anxiety sets in, the vast majority are left feeling uncomfortable and on edge, took after by feeling a greatness or even agony in parts of the body.What Happens When You Massage This Point On The Ear

To discharge your anxiety, don’t restrain emotions and. After in this way, uproot the physical impacts of anxiety. This is the place the psycho-reflexology becomes an integral factor. The body has particular against anxiety focuses and everything that needs to be carried out is just rubbed indicates in the ear ease stress.

Old Chinese alluded to this point as Shen Men or “The Gate of Heaven.” Shen Men is the opposition to stretch point that reductions anxiety, supports vitality stream, and reinforces the general soundness of the body. This pressure point massage point diminishes irritation and soothes torment in pretty much all aspects of the body. Rubbing Shen Men will calm push and is placed in the focal point of the upper third of the ear.

Dr Sandomirsky advices:

  • Use a cotton swab and press this point and tenderly back rub while breathing profoundly.
  • Listen to the body painstakingly.
  • Breath profoundly
  • When breathing in look to one side, and when you breathe out look to one side
  • You will start to feel how the body quiets down.
  • Massage mind the fingers
  • Massage each time you feel focused
  • Repeat this method consistently before cot.
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