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Start Your Day With These 3 Recipes For Coffee

The coffee is the most often consumed and most popular drink in the world. Often is consumed in the morning as a “Wake up call” because of the stimulation effect that has on people. The coffee contains coffin that can speed up the pulse and can cause spreading the blood vassals.  Due to this process the body literally gets more energetic.

The coffee can has many benefits when is consumed in the right amounts. It can help you with your concentration and memory, can heal your headache, can protect your heart, it’s good for people who have diabetes  and can prevent diabetes .

The recommendation dose of coffee is 1-2 cups of coffee a day.

Imagine how interesting would be if you replace your ordinary cup of coffee with some new, fresh end tasty recopies in the morning that have the same effect.

These below are just 3 of the recipes that are easy to make and can bring you little joy in the morning. Try them out and share your experience!

  1. Milkshake – Coffee, Chocolate, Almonds

These vegetarian milkshake is ideal as a breakfast or like an alternative for your regular coffee.


60 grams of almonds,

130 ml water ,

1 strong espresso,

1 spoon cocoa,

2 spoons of maple syrup.


Put all ingredients into the blender and blend them until they unite. If you want more smooth drink, strain it with gauze. Put it in a glass and add ace cubs if you prefer.

You can use this smoothie as a replacement for milk in your muesli.

You can also make this smoothie with your favorite nuts.

Bon appetite!

  1. Coffee smoothie


100 ml strong coffee

1 middle size banana

2 cups brown sugar

10 ml vanilla syrup

4 ice cubes


Put the coffee in a blender and add all the other ingredients (you can add milk as well). Blend the ingredients until the mixture is united.  Put it in take out glass.

  1. Coffee Dream – Coffee, Vanilla and Apple


100 ml boiled coffee

20 ml fresh juice of apple

10 ml vanilla syrup

4 ice cubes


Put the boiled coffee in a bottle or a bowel shaped as a bottle, put the rest of the ingredients and shack it until you get a homogeny mixture.











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