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Do This Stretch For Just 60 Seconds To Undo a Day’s Worth Of Sitting At Your Desk

The majority of people have jobs related to computers and spending long hours in front of them. Or maybe you are addicted to watching TV and physical activity is at the bottom of your ‘to do’ list. Therefore, exercising and stretching should be your everyday habit.
You have probably felt severe back pain, muscle pain, and exhaustion after realizing how much time you stayed in the same position. This situation affects your movement and physical condition, hence having problems with your health. Sedentary behavior is bad, so you need to do make some changes if you don’t want to harm your health.
Medical experts explain that sitting causes certain muscles in the hip to shorten, and consequently staying short.
Fortunately, there are things which can help you to prevent or ease discomforts which come along with excessive sitting.
First of all, you should practice some balancing exercise that can compensate the time you spend while sitting.
The author of Becoming a Supple Leopard and MobilityWOD.com, Kelly Starrett, stated that just 60 second stretching a day is beneficial for you and it is as effective as doing some workout program.
He encourages his group of athletes he works with to do the so called pigeon stretch.
This style of stretching can open your hips, reduce the lower back pain and improve your performance of many other exercises.
The best thing about this stretch is that you can practice it almost everywhere. The equipment for this stretching includes a bench and a table or desk. By using this equipment, you will be able to elevate your leg. Also, you will be able to stretch the muscles from different angles.
How to perform it?
Start by placing one of your legs on the table. Keep your knee bended at 90° angle.
Next, lean forward and stay in that position for 60-90 seconds. Yes, it is that easy, and you will be feeling much better.
Watch the video below to get a visual presentation of this useful stretch.

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