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The 8 Epic Healthy Benefits of Eating Carrots

The Epic carrot has many great benefits for the body and for the health! it is very tasty, natural, can be used in many ways and can be cooked very fast! You can also consume it as a sneak! Read what are the best benefits for eating the recommended dose of carrots!

  1. The carrot contains a very little fat and fatty acids. To maintain the health of the heart, experts are recommending eating foot that has less fat in it, especially saturated fat. This makes the carrot to be the best choice for consumption because: in 80 grams of boiled carrots there are only 0, 3 grams of fat, in which 0, 1 are saturated fat.
  2. The carrot helps our body to synthesize more of the vitamin A which is the necessary vitamin for healthy bones and teeth.
  3. The carrot is one of the best sources of beta carotene. In 80 grams boiled carrots there are twice of the recommended dose of beta carotene for adults.
  4. The carrot is rich with fibers that are necessary for healthy digesting system. Those same fibers are also very helpful for the natural regulation of the level of sugar in our blood and also give the body the feeling of saturation. In 80 grams of boiled carrots there are 2 grams of fiber – one tenth of the recommended dose.
  5. The carrots are low-calorie. In 80 grams of boiled carrots there are only 24 calories, and this is a great choice for food if you are on diet.
  6. You can see better in dark with the help of carrots. Therefore, the beta carotene in the body turns into vitamin A (which is very important for healthy eyesight) and in grit in the eye it turns into purple rhodopsin, which is essential for vision under low light.
  7. The carrot is essential for healthy and young appearance of your skin. With the antioxidant action of the beta carotene against the free radicals, the aging of the skin is reduced so the skin remains fresh and elastic. The carrot or the beta carotene helps with the protection of the skin against the ultraviolet radiation and it helps with sunburns. But remember this does not mean that if you eat carrots you shouldn’t use cream sunscreen with high SPF!
  8. The carrot helps maintain a healthy immune system. This is because the vitamin A very necessary for healthy function of the immune system. This nutrient protects the lining of the airways, digestive and urinary tract, and they are at the first line in defending our organism against infection
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