This Is Why You Should Never Eat Tilapia

Everyone likes to eat fish. There are many fish varieties that are available today. In America Tilapia has become a universal fish. It is very cheap, good in taste, boneless, skinless and it don’t get messed up when it is overcooked. There are two types of tilapia, they are: farmed tilapia and wild tilapia. Farmed tilapia is that which is generally available in grocery stores and restaurants. Farming is generally done in a large scale, every day thousands of fishes will be harvested. They eat GMO corn and soy pellets. On the otherhand wild tilapia eat algae and lake plants. In this fishes the amount of healthy oils are almost zero.

There are few disadvantages with farm raised tilapia. According to recent studies farmed fishes may cause inflammation. This in turn leads to cardiac diseases, asthma, arthritis and many other serious health problems. Few people eat fish in order to get Omega 3 fatty acids to minimize their risk of heart diseases. Such people should avoid eating farm tilapia fishes.

Secondly farm tilapia may also contain some amount of cancer causing organic pollutants. This is caused because of the improper feed that is supplied to them. In addition to this farm bred fishes have high amounts of pesticides and antibiotics. In order to keep them alive, farm owners give antibiotics.

As said earlier many people eat tilapia to gain omega 3 fatty acids. Farm bred fishes contain less amounts of these acids when compared with wild bred fishes. Moreover farm bred fishes have lower amounts of healthy nutrients and proteins. Some of these fishes have high concentrations of omega 6 acids. Getting too much of omega 6 acids may lead to inflammation.

Dioxin is a toxic chemical that is 11 times higher in farm bred fishes compared to wild fish. This chemical may lead to cancer and other complications. The life time of this chemical is more, once it enters human system then it takes long time to let it out.

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