Three drinks that can reduce belly fat

Is well known that carbonated and alcoholic drinks aren’t much of a help when it comes to losing belly fat, so you should definitely avoid them if you want a flat sexy belly.  But there are some drinks that do help and they are:

  1. Aromatized water

When you are trying to lose kilograms, it’s very important that your organism stays hydrated. Consuming a large amounts of water can help your body to maintain the necessary balance of liquid and prevents water retention in your organism (one of the biggest causes for “bloated” belly). It also can give you the feeling of satiety. In case you don’t like the idea of drinking plain water all the time, you can add some spicy herbs (mint or basil), citrus (lemon, orange, grapefruit) and other low- calorie, natural flavorings.

  1. Iced mint tea

Mint tea is excellent refreshing drink that can help you to get a flat belly. Mint helps your stomach in melting fat, helps your body to relax and reduces the “bloated belly”.

  1. Green tea

In addition to reduced risk of cancer and heard diseases, the green tea has an effect on the entire organism, contains antioxidants in which studies show that helps reduce fat from the belly. If you drink green tea before exercise, it can increase fat burning especially during aerobic exercises (cycling, trail running etc.) It’s recommended to drink two medium glasses every other day.

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