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Tips for Preventing and Treating Scoliosis!

If you have scoliosis or someone close to you is suffering from scoliosis these are the main things you should consider about in order to make your life, or the life of your closes ones better. Even if you don’t have scoliosis this kind of tips will help you to prevent scoliosis and back pain for you and also for your children as well.

What is scoliosis?
Scoliosis is distortion of the spine and it can happen in two forms: distortion on the left or right making a C or an S of your spine. This is caused by repaid growth of the child and it can happen to adults as well, especially to woman who are pregnant or have difficulties with the birth.
This condition is really difficult because it can cause strong beg pain, lung and heart problems and deformity as well.
How to prevent it:

One way to prevent scoliosis is by exercising.  Pilates, bodybuilding, yoga, football, basketball, running, you name it! But you also should know that scoliosis is hereditary disease and in that case you should consult a doctor.
How to treat scoliosis and beg pain?
1. You should definitely consult a doctor and monitor the crave of the spine in order to know your degree of curvature of the spine(that is the percentage of the curvature of the spine).
2. If the degree of the scoliosis is not dangerous ( it doesn’t involves medical procedure),  you can treat it in this well know ways:
1. SWIMMING – The best treatment for scoliosis and beg pain is by swimming. It’s fun, its healthy, you will feel good and look good as well.
2.YOGA – Find positions that are right for you, that involves stretching your body and consult a yoga specialist for the perfect position for your condition.
3.BODYBUILDING – You can prevent the pain and prevent raising the degree of curvature of the spine by working on the beg muscles. When you go to the gym focus your exercise on the beg. After your workout eat food with proteins to make the effect better.
One of the best ways to overcome this beg pain problem or scoliosis is to get a shaft like the picture below, put it somewhere in your room and every morning and during the day or when you feel like it, stretch your body. You will see the effects within a month, but its worthy!
Note that if you want to treat scoliosis and beg pain you will need patients and perseverance but the effects are worthy.

Extra TIP: Don’t allow your children to carry heavy backpacks.

And one more thing: Scoliosis doesn’t make you different, it makes you stronger!karas-3773

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