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Why you should use Garlic as natural treatment of hair loss caused by Fungi

Got hair loss caused by fungi? Confused? Now you don’t need to worry because you can use garlic as your natural treatment! The main causes of hair loss are fungi, genetics and aging. For years, people have struggled against hair loss by using drugs, that don’t give a universal satisfy result. Good news, garlic can be a best solution for your hair loss problem, no matter who you are, men or women.

The use of garlic was started in Asia, but spread widely all over the world. Some laboratory studies showed that garlic may contain other benefits related to hair. The Department of Dermatology at the University of Medical Sciences conducted such a clinical trial in determining the efficacy of localized alopecia areata treatment using garlic gel. The clinical trial found that the garlic was effective for some types of hair loss. One of them is what caused by fungi! We already know that fungi is the commonly factor of hair loss.

Why does garlic work?

Garlic contains two compounds that can treat dandruff and a lot of dermatitis types. Dandruff and dermatitis are caused by fungi, and they can support the hair loss. The fungi are strongly affected by sulfur and selenium, two important elements contained in garlic. What I mean with “affected” is the sulfur and selenium can remove out the fungi. Not only these, allicin, one agent contained in garlic is known effective to be used as treatment of fungi disorders. How can we utilize the garlic as natural treatment of hair loss? See the explanation below!

Garlic recipe options

You can use three options of garlic recipe; garlic juice combined with coconut oil, garlic juice combined with honey, and the last one, garlic oil. The first one should be used twice a week, the second one should be used more often, and the last one should be used several times a week. For the last one, you can use garlic infused oil that can be purchased in department stores.

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