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Why Your Teeth May Be Hurting

Good health involves taking care of the teeth by proper brushing on a regular basis. Shockingly, most people are not brushing their teeth the proper way.

Did you know that one third of Europeans brush their teeth without using toothpaste, with 90% of individuals sharing their toothbrushes with another family member, a majority of the time being the spouse.

Many will admit that their weakest point in taking care of their health is maintaining oral health. It is stated that 63% want whiter and cleaner teeth.

Dr. Pride says that the teeth should be brushed for two minutes at a time twice per day. Individuals should also visit their dentist on a regular basis. There are many cleaning products on the market today for teeth, and with the use of these and electric toothbrushes, there is no reason why anyone should have teeth that hurt.
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