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Yoga Guide for beginners – choose the right type of yoga for you

We are all aware of the world that we live every day, dynamic, stressful, you don’t have the time to do all the things you wanted and even if you did, you still feel like something is missing. When you think about it, all people in this world are looking for the same thing. Peace in the mind and soul, healthy body and cheerful face. You can have all this if you take a little time, everyday just for yourself. And this is really not selfish at all because when you become better self, you will help others around you too. A great way to start your journey is Yoga.

Yoga is not just starching your muscles or relaxing with candlelight’s and Buddhist music, but is connection to your body and you soul, your thoughts and your feelings. Because of that is very beneficial for your physical and mental health, flexibility, stability, strength, appearance, concentration and mood. The very good thing in Yoga is that there are so many types of it and you can try many of it and then choose the one that’s convenient for you. We hope that this guide will help you decide the best yoga style for you:

  1. Anusara

Anusara means to walk in the momentary beauty of supernatural faith. This type of yoga is discovered in the end of the 90th and is based on internal fulfillment. Anusara is using the physical force to help and teach his students to open their hearts, to experience boon and to let their inner goodness be.

  1. Ashtanga

Ashtanga is a rigorous technique of old eastern yoga which is broth to the western countries in the end of the 70th. This technique is combination of specific pose and very similar to the Vinyasa yoga in which every movement is associated with breathing. Ashtanga yoga is composed of exercises in the same position in the same sequence. It is necessary that your body get use to a specific pose followed by a minimum 5 breath takings. When you do this you can get to the next pose.

  1. Bikram

Bikram yoga is the most popular type of yoga in which the practice is in heated rooms. Here are 26 poses practiced in the same order. However, this type of yoga exercise is the most active, so it is necessary that you call a special attention to the muscles. In the heated rooms they are very flexible so we can’t feel the limit of endurance.

  1. Hatha

When you see the Hatha name, you never know what to expect. It is likely that it will be mix of several exercises, followed by loud breathing and exhaling, and joyous composition of fast yoga. This type of yoga raises your mood and relaxes your mind.

  1. Jivamuki

If you are looking for a yoga that is based on meditation and also internally exhaust you, Jivamuki yoga is what you’re looking for. This style combines the Ashtangu yoga for spiritual learning. You will sing, meditate, read and listen to music. The beginner classes are focused on standing poses, and then moving to the poses which stretch your body.

  1. Restorative

In this type of yoga you can absolutely relax and recover your body. The classes used mattresses, beds and yoga blocks that will make you be passive and lazy. These classes are usually recommended on Friday night, when your body needs relaxation and inner peace.

  1. Vinyasa

Vinyasa in fact means flow, so these classes will teach you how to move your body insensitively and more energetically. If you are not a big fan of the routine, if you are creative and want to try out your physical limits, Vinyasa yoga is made for you. Expect an intense hour full with movement in every muscle.


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